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Founded in 1993, Textile & Art Publications has unique access to many major private collections and a reputation for producing books to the highest academic, design and production standards, concentrating on publishing a limited number of major titles each year. The company is building a varied list of art books covering a wide variety of subjects, from oriental and Islamic art, through Pre-Columbian and medieval art. The books, which are generously illustrated, with informative texts written by the foremost authorities, present some of the most exciting aspects of these subjects.

  Glanz der Himmelssoehne, Kaiserliche Teppiche aus China 1400-1750
Text by Michael Franses and Hans Koenig. German language.
Published to accompany an exhibition of Classical Chinese Carpets at the Museum of East Asian Art, Cologne, Germany, October 2005 to January 2006.
ISBN 978-1-898406-45-7.
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  Magic Feathers, Textile Art from Ancient Peru
Text by James W. Reid.
ISBN 978-1-898406-20-4.
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  The Great Embroideries of Bukhara
Text by Michael Franses
ISBN 978-1-898406-35-8
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  Lion-dogs, Hundred Antiques: Classical Chinese Carpets 1
Text by Michael Franses, Hans Koenig, Hwee Lie Thè, Gary Dickinson
ISBN 978-1-898406-30-3
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   Kaitag, Textile Art from Daghestan
Text by Robert Chenciner.
ISBN 978-1-898406-00-6
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  Dunhuang, Caves of the Singing Sands, Buddhist Art from the Silk Road
Text by Roderick Whitfield, photographs by Seigo Otsuka
ISBN 978-1-898406-05-1
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